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Olallie Lake Resort is a Family owned and operated resort. The remote, seclusion of Olallie Lake is a major part of it’s attraction. The main route to Olallie is via the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River Highway.

The final stage of the drive leading to the resort is 7 miles of gravel road, flanked by beautiful, pristine pine forest. The nearest sign of civilization is 40 miles away.

The resort has rustic lakefront cabins nestled among the trees. The cabins have remained in their original rustic fashion of the days of early settlers, with wood stoves for heat and front porches to visit with friendly neighbors.

Beautiful Yurts have been recently added to the resort, which give our guests another type of adventurous experience in the great outdoors.

The resort was originally started by Frances and Hazel Rothery back in 1933. The current owners purchased the resort in 1995 with the intent of making simple needed improvements while still maintaining it’s rustic charm and appeal. The tradition of informal hospitality has been passed down by the three previous owners over the years and continues today.

Olallie Lake Resort generates its own electicity for the resort store. And it also pumps its own drinking water straight from Olallie lake, which goes through a state certified treatment system. Olallie Lake is one of Oregon’s cleanest lakes and snow melt is its main source of water.