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Advantages Of An Access Control System

Most companies are equipped with inside and outside video surveillance. This helps identify who is on the property and whether they are allowed to be there or not. This is very useful when a crime has been committed because the police may have photos of the criminal.

However, the question must be asked how the attackers managed to enter the building. Does your company have access control? If not, here are some reasons why access control device is useful.

Limited access

Access control device ensure that only authorized personnel are permitted at the business premises, thus avoiding strangers and unwanted persons. The types of systems available vary and it is entirely up to you which system is most suitable for our business.

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The most common systems are installed using personal identification numbers, proximity cards and tags. This means that access can only be granted if a valid card or tag is held and approved by the reader.

Parking barriers

Before unauthorized personnel enter a commercial building, it is usually necessary to pass through the parking lot. Controlling access prevents vehicles from being brought to the parking lot, which prevents access to the building itself.

Another problem with open employee parking is that places occupied by non-employees can sometimes be a nightmare if you don't have your own specific location. To protect your parking space, a barrier can be installed, which is only raised if the authorized employee shows a valid identity card or enters the correct code.