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Are Online Procurement Courses Valid?


Before getting straight to the answer, we need to know something about procurement. Procurement is the process by which goods, or sometimes, services are purchased on behalf of a company. This is a public process to ensure transparency, especially in the case of large public limited companies. Procurement can be simple, but many times it is complex and contracts have to be written up for the whole procurement process.

Since it is an important and complex procedure, can it be learned online? The answer is yes. There are many eLearning courses available that teach you the nuances of procurement. We all live in a busy world, and sometimes, attending workshops and classes can be quite difficult. Online courses have made life much easier in such scenarios.


There are many institutes that offer online procurement course, and many of them may not have valid courses that teach you all the right things. You have to ensure your eLearning course has validity, and the institute you are learning from has good standing in the market.

Research Online

Hunch over and do some in-depth research on the institutes and courses online. You will find reviews by former students that will give you a clearer picture. Also, look if the course has the following:

  • Workshop delivery – This teaches you how to take delivery of goods, and what checks have to be made.
  • Pre-workshop preparation – This section of the course deals with how to prepare the workshop before the delivery of the goods.
  • Post-workshop evaluation – This section of the course is about the evaluation post-delivery.
  • Assessments – This final part of the course is about doping complete assessments of the agreed terms and conditions, and the goods delivered.

So, follow the above-mentioned pointers to while looking for procurement courses online, and get enrolled in a good course.