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Child Custody and Relocation

Child custody battles can be long and difficult. Unfortunately, when an agreement is finally reached, they sometimes have to be changed quickly.

This is especially true of couples who need to relocate the following a divorce. Each state defines "relocation" differently. It can be defined as moving outside 50-150 miles or out of state.

The best interest of the child is at heart in deciding the custody of a child following relocation. This means taking into account the living situation of each parent. Child custody lawyers describe the legal relationship between a parent and his or her child in which the parent has the right to make decisions for the child and the parent has a duty to care for the child.

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The responsibility and ability of a parent to provide for their child are important. Other things to consider will be the place of residence, schools, churches, and connections with family and friends in the new area.

The reason for the relocation will be taken into account. Moving for a better job or better schools will be looked upon more favorably than a move because a job was lost.

As kids get older, their opinion will be taken into account more and more. If a child is splitting time between two parents in one city, and one decides to relocate, they will probably have a strong opinion about whether to stay or go and spend the majority of their time with another parent.

Kidnapping is a crime sometimes associated with the relocation of a parent. Those in a child custody arrangement are responsible for giving notice of their move. Failure to inform the other parent can result in this criminal charge and will adversely affect that parent when a new arrangement is being made.