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Does Your Kid Suck Thumb?

Babies are adorable and charming. But they have some strange customs occasionally. These customs can be bothersome and upsetting. By way of instance, some infants suck on their thumbs. They find it incredibly enjoyable but sadly their parents do not!

It's the innate demand for sucking which comes through birth. Normally, the impulse of sucking on subsides since the babies begin eating solid food, but it proceeds in a few infants. You can use the hand stopper thumb guard for thumb sucking prevention of your kid. It is a very helpful and harmless device which helps to stop thumb or finger sucking problem.

Some helpful hints about thumb sucking:

What can be the ideal age to eliminate the habit? Normally, kids at the age of 2 stop the habit of thumb sucking themselves. But after the age of 2 and 3 years if your kid does not stop thumb sucking habit than you need to worry about this bad habit.

You want to divert the eye as far as you can. Do not become emotional about it.  There's absolutely no usage of scolding the infant because of it. You can also contact to doctor about this habit. He can indicate some medication that's secure but tastes awful to use on the thumb. It calms the habit of sucking on the thumb. But sometimes medication is harmful also.

You need to remember that you aren't the only parents in the world that are confronting this issue. It's a really common and curable matter. Thus, just be cool!  The custom will fade out slowly.