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Facts about Current Housing Prices

At present, the overall picture of real estate has stabilized, and prices have not shaken that high at the median index. At present, the single-family home occupied by the owner has a median value of $ 334,400 vs. $ 119,600 for the US. Average monthly owner fees are $ 2,555 with a mortgage or $ 878 without a mortgage.

The average price requested for vacant homes and condominiums sold, in 2005 was $ 328,300. The average contract rental rate in 2005 was $ 764, where the bottom quartile was $ 603, and the top quartile was $ 937.

For a better estimate and a look at the various choices of real property, it's important to check online guides like The Vandewater and other property online guides. The biggest economic power behind the growth in the tourism market.

The Realtors Association estimates that the property explosion will result in the addition of more than 100,000 homes. Much of this real estate development was built by considering foreign buyers because the exchange rate was quite favorable in Europe and Asia, this explained the flood of foreign buyers in the homes sold.

Located across the Hudson River, Columbia University and Riverside Church is a self-contained island city complete with local government, police and fire services, hospitals, shopping, parks, and marinas. Most housing stocks consist of expensive single-family homes on the west side of the island and condos and apartments farther east.