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How To Determine If Your New Business Invention Is Completely Original

If you own and run your own business, at some point you may identify the need for a new type of technology to assist with your operations. This new product could well have alternative applications too, which means appeal could be widespread amongst other firms in your industry, and further afield. Designing and creating the item should be your first step, but you’ll want to keep your cards close to your chest until you’ve determined whether the idea is worthy of its own unique patent. With that in mind, I’ve taken an hour out of my schedule today to write this post in the hope of giving you a head start. You can check this site to get more information about it.

We’re at a time now when so many inventions have been registered that finding out whether yours is totally unique can be a real pain. Also, this endeavor can cost a lot of money to complete, which means you’re going to need all the help you can get. So, spend the next four- or five-minutes scanning through the information included below, and you should gain a better insight into the registration process and exactly what it’s likely to entail.

Finding A Suitable Attorney

Although you’re completely free to deal with the process yourself, unless you have experience with browsing through previously registered patents, the chances of you identifying a similar product are slim. This means you need to get in touch with or another reputable patent specialist to help you complete the task. They’ll be able to inform you of what information they’ll need for the search and give you some idea of how long you’ll have to wait. It’s usually wise to have experts like this onside, as they are the ones best placed to deal with the matter in the quickest time possible.

Applying for Your Patent

Again, this is something your attorney should be able to do on your behalf, but just in case you’ve decided to do it all yourself, here’s a rundown of the process. Firstly, you’ll need to complete standardized forms that can be found on the UK patent office website. These forms will require information relating to the invention including what it does, how it’s made, and what issues it solves. Once given all this info (and a substantial cheque), the patent office will be able to start searching through their records to see if the item has already been registered.

Gaining Recognition for The Design

Most applications take longer than a year these days, which is why you’ll want to get started as soon as possible. However, so long as your invention is determined to be completely original, and it doesn’t come under restrictions set in place by any existing patent, you should be awarded recognition for the product as soon as the search is complete. After this, you’ll be free to negotiate to a license of the design to other companies, or sell it outright, should you receive a suitable offer.

So, there you have its guys. You should now understand exactly how to determine if your new business invention is completely original. If you need more information on the subject, there are lots of good articles online, or you could just get in touch with a patent attorney and ask them to fill you in.