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How to Paint a Car – What Materials Do I Need to Prepare?

Oftentimes when a car needs to be painted or repainted, the car owners initial decision is to bring it to an auto repair shop and asked for a quote and let them do the job.

Have you think of trying to do it on your own? There were people who believes that they get the best results only if they are the one doing it. Are you one of these believers? Then you must learn how to paint your car.

Do you want a specific color for your automobile and doesn't wish to splurge a lot of cash? Take your car to automotive paint booths and large equipment enclosures for the best results.

Then here's your chance to do it yourself and save a hundred dollars plus a reward for yourself in learning something new. Who knows what this developed skill can lead you to.

Before doing the very first step in painting your car, you have to determine the necessary materials so you can work on smoothly.

What are these materials?


Safe cleaner for removing wax, grease, oil and other contaminates.


Determine the type of paint you are using. 320 grit sandpaper is minimum and with the fastest and decent looking finish but 400 is better.


Decide on the finish you want whether it is enamel, laquer, or epoxy then use the proper primer. Car painting requires special etching primer and intermediate primer before applying the topcoat. Remember to take ALL the rust down to bare clean metal before using the 



Why urethane-based? Simply because they provide greater flexibility and exterior durability although they are more costly.


To make paint to appear more glossy.


1. Air Compressor

2. Spray Gun

3. Paint Booths

4. Laquer Thinner

5. Masking Paper

6. Masking TapeM

7. Cotton Towels

8. Dust Masks

9. Body Putty

By preparing the materials first it is now much easier for you to start painting your car.