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Information About Indoor Plants


Plants that can grow and survive under low-lighting conditions are called as indoor plants. It sounds simple enough to buy one. However, there are tons of varieties on indoor plants making it important to know little basic information about them. That’s because some require continuous supply of water while others require very little lighting conditions for survival. Buying the wrong type of plant can result in death to the plant which is why one must know a few basic qualities and features about them.

  • Root System – The root of the plant is considered to be one of the most important elements. For a small indoor plant, one can easily take out the entire plant to check the roots conditions is considered to be fine but not for the large plant. Thick and light-colored roots are the first thing one need to check on the indoor plant.
  • Foliage – Another important element to check is for the foliage of the plant comprising of thick and not thin.
  • Diseases – Plants are also known to catch a disease similar to humans and animals. While choosing a plant, if it emits bad odor, has white spots or sticky residue on the surface of the plant is considered to be a diseased plant.

These are some of the best indoor plants capable of growing under low-light.

  • Philodendron –One of the most popular indoor plants is the philodendron known to attract very little number of pests.
  • Dracaena – The dracaena is known to consist of long green leaves.
  • Peace Lily – The peace lily is known to thrill well under moist soil conditions.

You can also go for indoor plant hire to meet your requirements.