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Keep In Mind These Things If You Hire A Removalist In Adelaide

If you hire a company to do the moving for you, this is the preferred option which also provides a safer and more hassle-free moving option. Keep in mind that there is still some homework to prepare and do before hiring a furniture removal in Adelaide.

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  • Make sure you get at least three quotes from three different moving companies.

  • Make sure every quote is clearly written and ask for fees and surcharges shown in the price.

  • Make sure the moving company is a member of the national moving association in your country.

  • Make sure the company you use does not subcontract the work. These are not safe and you can't be sure who they are using.

  • Be careful with company uniforms and trucks moving. If it is broken and looks professional it is a sign that the rest of their service is not good.

  • Make sure you review their contracts to make sure they are fully insured and can replace anything that might break during the move. This may include additional fees which should be clearly stated in the offer for their service.

  • To find out who is responsible, check with your home content insurance company whether they have covered all of your home content as it depends on where the item was damaged.