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Keeping Your Sheep Healthy Will Require a Certain Diet

So you've decided to raise sheep for their products such as meat or wool for them. Part of having good livestock products is to keep your flock healthy and well-fed. So what do sheep eat?

Generally sheep grazers and prefer to eat grass, clover, and weeds. But they also eat a variety of plants that other animals may be refused and will even eat the plants you do not want to eat like the leaves of your vegetable plot. If you want to buy sheep, then you can click

Sheep should at least eat about two percent of its body weight per day. However, pregnant ewes should be given a litter more than this. Protein needs only about 8 to 10% of the diet.

Lamb reared on the farm usually eats from the pasture. A meadow is covered vegetation plots of land used for agriculture and livestock grazing by animals such as horses, cows, and sheep.

During the season when the grass is not available for pasture grazing or insufficient supply, feeding grass hay is enough to keep the food needs of an adult sheep. Hay cut and dries forage and has a lot of variation in the species, but it is usually distinguished by their maturity when they are harvested.

Eating whole grains to the adult sheep must be done gradually and in a controlled amount. Too much intake of whole grains in the diet can cause your sheep to develop health problems such as overeating and urinary calculi.