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Professional Pest Control Protection During The Covid-19 Crisis

In today's uncertain times, during the vital global battle on COVID-19, the industry continues to play an important role as a defender of human safety & health. Although many companies in communities around the world have to close their doors and do their part to repair arches, professional mosquito & pest control is recognized as a core service. 

This means that most pest control companies are still working hard to protect our critical national food supplies and infrastructure while continuing to reduce the risk of pest-borne diseases for homes and businesses.

What does that mean to you?

With more than 135,000 service technicians from 19,000+ companies, the professional pest control industry is committed to continuing to protect national food production facilities, grocery stores, hospitals, apartment buildings, warehouses, communities, households and businesses.

With communities staying indoors and, in most cases, at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are fewer pests such as rodents to prevent them from going out in broad daylight in search of water and food sources. 

Without adequate and sustainable pest control measures, rodent groups will move from areas where companies are closed to areas where food and water are available.

Pest control methods Cover pests

If the manual dialling takes too long, try tightening the line cover. This garden accessory provides good protection against many outdoor pests, including aphids, tomato worms, cabbage moths, and zucchini. Row covers can even prevent deer, rabbits, birds, and other large animals from reaching your plants. 

Pest Control You can use landscaping boards, rocks, or staples to bring this clear, thick, film-like cover on-site and even protect it from wind and sun to protect plants from harsh conditions.