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Types Of Metals Used To Manufacture Railings

Earlier, railings had more outdoor usage and traditionally wooden railings were the preferred type of material used. Slowly, as metalworking became easier and prolific, railings made of metal, mostly iron, became the mainstay.

As time progressed and people experimented with different materials for buildings and structures, railings were made with a variety of materials. However, iron railings have remained an all-time favorite. To know more about balcony which is also known as balkong in the Norwegian language visit

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Different types of technologies have been used to work with iron. The chief advantages of using iron are comparatively lower cost and durability. More than the lower cost, it is the durability that has made iron survive the ages and changing fashions, to remain the one metal preferred for making such infrastructures.

Iron is used in three forms for making railings. They are wrought iron, cast iron, and steel. Among these, wrought iron and cast iron have been in use for generations. Steel came to be used only in recent years.

Wrought iron railings, though in vogue in the early years, its construction is very laborious and requires skilled personnel. Today, very few wrought iron railings are used. Cast iron types, however, were made by casting molten iron into sand molds of the desired design.

However, these are brittle and break very easily. Repairing is not possible and replacement is the only solution. Hence cast-iron railings are also no longer preferred.