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How Crowdfunding Sites Work

Crowdfunding sites aim to harness the enthusiasm and money of virtual strangers while promising them a refund. Crowdfunding sites give your project the credibility and infrastructure needed to successfully exploit the financial strength of the crowd.

A good example of crowdfunding sites is RocketHub which is currently one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms that allow many projects to raise funds and create awareness through websites.

In most cases, crowdfunding sites will allow you to gather your family, friends, and colleagues, and sell directly to your supporters through the site. This will allow you to fill all orders without paying an initial fee to have your own e-commerce store online. If you want to know more about crowdfunding, then you can also visit

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Project makers are allowed to add images to their profile pages which are usually free. But you may have to pay a little extra to add more images. Other sites use crowdsourcing to allow supporters to contribute to the requirements of your open source project to fix it to completion.

And once you reach your destination, the site will take a 5% commission. This is a pretty good deal considering that entrepreneurs can enjoy the tools available to manage their projects, site traffic and reach, and be empowered in the process.

As a supporter, when you choose to support project makers whose projects you like, you in some cases buy shares in their efforts. Here, supporters can invest in the sale of entrepreneurs in the future for up to six months.