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What Different Parts You Will Find In A CNG Kit?

We are going to make you familiar with the different CNG parts which you will find in the CNG installation kit along with its brief introduction.

CNG Cylinder: The high-pressure cylinders are manufactured for storage of CNG at 200 bar pressure. It can store up to 50 liters of CNG. You can install one or more than one CNG cylinder in your vehicle depending on the requirement.

Vapor bag assembly: It is made up of PVC material which is used to mask the gas outlet valve. This tubular shape is threaded at one end and screwed on cylinder neck threads. It is open from the cylinder valve side, to get easy access to it. If you are going to install a kit in your car, then find the best dealers by entering CNG kit installation Chandigarh in the search bar.

Filling valve: This is a normal valve installed on the mouth of a CNG tank for filling high-pressure CNG from the station.

Electronic selector switch: It is used to switch between different modes of fuel.

Pressure regulator: These regulators are used to lower the level of pressure from 200 bar to the atmospheric pressure so that it can be inserted into the carburetor.

Other important parts include Carburetor, Ignitions system in which spark plugs are installed for better combustion. End speed governor that reduces the flow of gas according to the rpm of the engine measured by Venturi.