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Buy Floral Silver Bracelets For Women

Bracelets are said to originate in Ancient Greece when the wrist braces that warriors wore to protect their wrists were adopted by women as fashion accessories.

Of course, much earlier, we see the kings, noblemen, and women of Egypt and other ancient eastern cultures wore decorated wristbands or braces not only to protect their upper arms but also to show off their wealth. Silver chain bracelet for ladies is very popular these days.

From ancient Greece to the Roman Empire onwards, bracelets for women not only became accessories but a statement of luxury. Women wearing solid beaten plates of gold around their wrists are seen on roman Earthenware.

Bracelets are the easier gifts to give, as there is no need to worry about the size. Most bracelets come with hooks that can be clasped around the wrist. Others come with hinged clasps that allow the bracelet to be snapped onto the wrist. Either way, bracelets are always clasped around the wrist and not slipped on like bangles, which means that jewelry aficionados don't have to hunt for suitable bracelet sizes.

Slim chain-link silver bracelets for women look pretty with formal saris and pantsuits. A Floral Motif Silver Bracelet has a small diamond-shaped center with a stylized petal motif set with white zircons are attached to the segmented silver Kada strands.

This adjustable bracelet is secured with a box clasp. Wear this with regular office wear or a Kurti churidar set to work or formal gatherings.

Slender wrists are the perfect setting for a Leaf Duo Silver Bracelet or a Conch Zircon Silver Bracelet. These genuine 925 silver bracelets studded with sparkling white cubic white zircons complement every outfit you own.