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How to Choose and Wear High Heels

Wearing high heel is fascinating for all ladies. Ladies love to wear it as it adds style to their clothing. High heels look nice with all types of dresses. It is a confirmed need of a lady going for a date or any occasional party. In America, a survey tells many women to love to wear high heels even on work. They think high heels improve the elegant and sensual look of them.

If they are asked to avoid high heels by doctors due to foot pain still they ask for wearing once a day at least. It is a crazy fact about women that they bear the pain but don’t avoid high heels. No everybody can walk properly after wearing high heels for the very first time. It is not inherent quality it is a skill which must be learned and practice to be perfect. Choosing and wearing heels need some tips here are these tips,

  • Don’t lose your heart on shoe style so much that you avoid comfort factor. Your look becomes easy and confident if shoes fit you. Many ladies get foot pain, sores or scratches by wearing high heels because they are not fit in their feet. During shopping make sure don’t buy too small or too big shoes. If your shoes are not right-sized their beauty doesn’t matter. Buying cute shoes is not enough they must be relaxed too.
  • Don’t dare to wear high heel shoes without socks or stockings. Thin socks or stockings make your shoes easy and comfortable.  The barefoot gets hurt by shoes but socks prevent them.
  • Choose high heels but don’t choose very high heels. Heels must be according to your height and weight. Too high heels can cause select the right heel to follow these steps
    •  Wear high heels
    •  Stand with straight legs
    •  Erect your body on tiptoes at maximum height

If you observe an inch space between the heel of the shoe and floor, it is the right choice otherwise if the gap is less than don’t make a purchase of it.

  • Narrow heels look sensuous but don’t wear them too casual. Select the thick heel it will support your body.
  • Don’t dare to wear a new pair of high heeled shoes for a dance party or any other occasion. Your shoes need some time to get familiarized with your feet. Give heel and feet some time at home to fall in love with each other
  • Don’t walk with the bent body, straight posture is correct one for walking in high heels. If you walk with imbalance steps you cannot feel comfortable in high heels.
  • Expensive high heels come with built-in comfort. I am not saying all inexpensive shoes are uncomfortable but most of the cheap shoes cause more pain than any other expensive and branded shoes.
  • Don’t wear heel daily. It is not good for your feet and looks. Daily monotonous look bore the people around you so change your style daily.
  • Apply foot care when you are at home. Sock your feet in salted hot water it will relax your feet.