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Save Money with these Tips While Traveling the World


We get encouraged to travel the world whenever we read an interesting travel blog or watch a video. Moreover, the excitation increases whenever someone we know shares their experience of the travel. However, it is important not to be in haste as beginners tend to make mistakes that lead to spending more and save less. If you’re on the verge of traveling for the first-time, then consider these tips.

  1. Avoid Exchanging at Airports – There is a simple reason behind this and that is airports charge more when it comes to exchanging currencies. Instead, head over to your bank to get better rates allowing you to go easy on your wallet. You may still exchange at the airports however, only if it’s in an emergency situation.
  2. Apply for a Card that does not Charge for Swiping – It is important to apply for a card that does not charge you for every swipe you do. This is the biggest mistake amateurs do where they end up spending more by using their own personal credit or debit card.
  3. Consider Staying in Hostel over a Hotel – First-timers make this mistake of booking a hotel that is always going to be on the expensive. Although, there are cheaper hotels however, to save more you need to consider a hostel. Hostels are a great accommodation option that allows you not just to save money but also to meet new people, have parties, activities etc.

Consider staying in some of the best hostels in Thailand if this is your travel destination.