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Deciding On The Location Of Your Coffee Business

With many commercial vans for sale in the market, choosing the right one is difficult. However, once you have found one suitable for the mobile coffee business you need to decide where the van will be located. Serving a cup of coffee or espresso by using your mobile coffee van has become very popular because it is easily accessible in many places by target customers.

So when deciding on the location of your commercial coffee van, you need to make sure that it is placed in an area where your customers can get to it without having to travel too much. There are two types of customers: casual shopper or businessman/woman.

So depending on who you wish to target will affect the location of your van. If you plan to target the causal shopper, then it is advisable that you place the coffee van near a shopping mall or centers, where shoppers can easily access their favorite cup of coffee.

As soon as your business starts to boom, you can even set up more than one coffee van near the shopping mall or center, if the mall is big, your customers can easily come over and make an order. As the shopper no longer needs to walk to the other side of the mall, you get their cup of coffee, therefore, benefiting both the customers and your mobile coffee business.

Therefore, it is now so much easier to start your own mobile coffee business as choosing the right commercial vans for sale to finding the best location for it is not difficult at all.

Finding The Perfect Location For Your Mobile Coffee Franchise?

Once you acquired your mobile coffee franchise, you are left with the difficulty of finding the ultimate location for your business. It’s not as easy as it sounds, it will take you a lot of time, research and trial and error. Fortunately, we have some great ideas on how to find the killer spot for you and your van. You can also click this link to know more about the mobile coffee franchise.

Time of day

Timing is everything when you are trying to find the best location for your mobile coffee franchise. For example, situating your van just outside a school just as kids are being dropped off, or being picked up, allows perfect time for the parent to pick up a beverage! Moreover, business parks can be a great place to locate when it gets to lunchtime. Many businesses don't provide their staff with hot beverages, and this can be a great time for them to get some fresh air and have a chat.

Local Focal Points

Does the town where you live have a large stadium or area where large events take place, such as theatre shows? These are great places to catch a large crowd and for you to start building a large customer base with the local people.

Do Your Research

Never underestimate how important it is to do your research in finding the best location for your mobile coffee franchise. For example, many universities publish their footfall figures and this can be a great way of finding out where most people hang out on campus. Simple research tips like this can go a long way in getting as much revenue as possible.


Wherever you situate your mobile coffee franchise you must consider; the time of the day, local hot spots, and your personality. Research is the name of the game when it comes to picking that perfect spot. As they always say if you fail to prepare; then prepare to fail.