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Make Your Own Gift Registry Site

The gift registry is a new version of the old tradition of giving gifts to anyone on his/her big day. The big day can be a person’s engagement, wedding, baby shower, birthday, or any special occasion.

It is a way to show affection in the form of gifts. It is better than the old custom. If you don’t want to receive unwanted gifts items on your special day than you can make your own gift registry site to get only those gifts you want.



The online gift registry will help you to build own gift registry site on which you can create your list of unlimited gift items. You can add anything or any wish of yours. The following things are examples of understanding what kind of items you can add on your created list:

  • You can add grocery, kitchen utensils like dinner set, fridge, blender, mixer, and many more. 
  • You can add your personal usage products like cosmetics, luggage trolly, Mattress, Bed, almirah, etc, 
  • Can add luxury wishes like travel, honeymoon, tickets to abroad, staying in an exotic location, dinner at your favorite restaurant.

All you have to do is shared a link of created wishlist with your guests and after then they can contribute as much they want to. Once the funds get collected, then you can spend collected funds on various products. Its very simple for the guests to contribute with Paypal, credit card, cash bank transfer.