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Different Types Retaining Wall Design

 Creating a beautiful landscape garden is a challenge for everyone especially in slope areas where in water and soil is prone from erosion. This problem can be solved creating a wall that will serve as barricade to prevent these circumstances from occurring. The very reason why retaining wall designs in NC are popular is its ability to retain any type of materials, it can also add aesthetic design that adds up beauty in your garden.

There are several kinds of Retainer walls available in the market for you to choose from. They vary from the types of materials use, the variety of soil in your area, slope, topography, and even building codes available in site. Here are some samples you need to know, next time you consider building one.

The most common is Gravity walls it utilizes gravitational force on its very own mass, which is its weight to block any kind of materials from falling down its fences. When it comes to creating this kind of barricade, it has a wide array of materials that a builder can choose from like pavers, bricks and solid stones. In creating one it is necessary to install reinforcements such as digging up trenches for its foundation if you are trying to make a tall one.

Another one is the timber wall that uses woods as its material. This is very much cheaper than stone, since woods can be bought at a much lower costs and is very much easier to install. The only set back it has is the durability, since they can easily rot if continuously subjected to water and heat.

Cantilevered types are sometimes called as reinforced retainers that is put in metal bars of the concrete walling. It is applied in foundation slab below the soil that the fence is protecting forming an L shape. As a result the soil around the higher part of the barrier will act as a stabilizer using its weight.

Using anchors, cables, or strips to secure the barrier to a secured land around the perimeter of the slope is how anchor retaining fence work. They are usually applied mechanically under the ground using machine operated equipments or through pressurize concrete injected below the surface. This is best use as a method in creating additional support to other kind retaining barricades.

Sheet pile barrier is a slim kind of fences that uses wood, vinyl and steel as its primary materials, which is push below the surface and is connected using strings or cables. This is use for temporal purposes, usually they are undulated vertically to add up strength. But, this can only be attached in surfaces that are soft and can easily be dug up.

Brick walls are popular for garden and backyard landscaping design. There are a lot of color and sizes available to choose from, and can improve durability around the garden or back yard. Another good thing is that it needs little maintenance after being built, and adds beauty in the house.

If you are planning to make one for your home or property, it is important to know what is the ideal materials and kind of wall needed for your area. This will help you decide on what to build depending on your budget and design preferences. Mixing function and aesthetic design for your walling project can also ensure best and satisfying results.