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Things to Consider Before Getting Your Attic Insulated


Majority of the population either forget or totally ignore getting their attic inspected. Attic inspection is important when it comes to comfort and saving money on the energy bills. Many studies have proven that getting the attic inspected allows one to save money in the region of around 20 to 50%. If you require your attic inspected, there are a few handful things one needs to do. These are the following things you need to consider.

Attic Examination – Before you start examining the attic, these are some of the aspects you need to consider.

  • Learn and understand about the attic space and roof structure’s condition.
  • Look for moisture problems such as wet spots or damps. Before the insulation installation, get this problem resolved from a professional.

Ensure you Seal the Place Completely – Air sealing is crucial during the examination of the attic. Get rid of any cracks, gaps or holes that will help you to maintain the temperature you desire. For air sealing you may want to use foam spray insulation.

Consider the Right Insulation – Choosing the right insulation requires you to consider these factors.

  • Cost – based on your budget, ensure you choose the correct type of insulation.
  • R-Value – The important rule of R-Value is that the higher the R-value, better will be the insulation. However, it also depends on the region you reside.
  • Available Area – Space availability also plays a role during the time of right insulation. Therefore, make sure you have ample of space before insulation process is done.

Ceiling insulation blanket requires similar considerations mentioned above.