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Brief Information About Bluetooth Door Locks

We use Bluetooth to gain access and start our car, playing our music, use computers and many other things. Now, we can use Bluetooth to unlock the front door of our house.

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So, how do they work? First and foremost, you have to start with a good mechanical key value. This means that the door locks are made of strong materials with features that will defeat the attacks on the key itself.

Some Bluetooth key has a key override; this means that you get a normal key to open the lock in case of electronic failure. Lock cylinder must have high security cylinder that provides control buttons as well as physical security.

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Features of Bluetooth Door Lock:

Electronic locks have Bluetooth built-in

Programmed by Android or iPhone

Bluetooth comes with a lock key fobs

Couple with mobile phones and / or key fob

Mechanical override key

Battery operated door locks

After installing the app to control your phone, then pair it with your keys. Once it succeeds, you can program the door lock and key fobs your backup. Now when you walk into your front door and within 4-6 feet, the lock will open or activate waiting for you to touch it (depending on the manufacturer).

Usually there are LED lights on the key that will give visual feedback. Hotkey will open and close with a motor or solenoid.