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Boost Your Wedding Reception with a Hip Hop DJ

Your wedding reception can be called successful if there is time for a reception party you feel bored or swayed. And you can easily achieve the perfect party spirit to give your guests some awesome music. Hiring a professional DJ and let him belt out numbers that will not only keep your guests happy but also attract them to the dance floor.

It is true when planning for a wedding reception most people are confused about whether to choose a live band or go to a professional DJ service. But in fact there should be no competition at all; professional DJs will win over a live band at any time. You can get wedding DJ services through

Take the budget under consideration. A live band will charge maybe three or four times more than a good professional disc jockey. Also, a live band includes at least 4 -5 members that are important to many dinner plates can considerably affect your budget if you have your reception at some fancy place.

You should also consider the place and time range of your event. Even if your event will continue to just four hours you should keep in mind that it is not possible for a most live band to play in a stretch for more than two hours.

The gap is filled with pre-recorded music. With a DJ who was never a problem, he can continue as long as you have asked. Also, many reception halls may not be large enough to accommodate the sound of a big band.

You can sit with your DJ before the actual event and decide what type of music you prefer to play, the mood you are looking for, your musical preferences. This is based on the DJ who will be able to make just the right mood for your wedding reception.