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What Should You Do If Your Car Engine Overheats?

There is no way a modern vehicle that is well maintained will overheat. However, this can also happen on a well-tuned and well-maintained machine. This typically occurs during the hot Queensland summer months, especially when traffic is heavy. Your car should be serviced by a local mechanic before summer hits. You can also get hot head heaters from your local online store or shop.

What to do if your engine shows signs of overheating:

Turn off all accessories

Many cars are now air-conditioned at the front and back. It's great for creature comfort, but it means the engine has to work hard. Turn off the air conditioner and open the windows so that your machine does not run hard and cold.

Turn on the heater and fan

This may be the last thing you need in a hot summer car, but it increases the capacity of the cooling system and transfers heat from the engine to the interior of the car. Make sure the windows are open and hot air is escaping.

Engine speed

When you stop, the airflow through the engine compartment decreases, causing the engine to warm up. Idle or park the car and start the engine a little. This results in more fan and water pump operation. This draws more water through the radiator, so it cools down while the fan increases airflow