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Why Use LED Lights Than Conventional Lighting Systems?

LED lighting is typically a light or other lamp which uses LEDs as a source of light. Most homes and offices use a fluorescent or incandescent light bulb in the past but today, more homeowners are considering the use of this lighting system. 

Different from conventional bulbs, LED lights can be placed in lamps and used like any other light bulb.The reason why it is used by more people today is that they are more energy-efficient.If you want to know more about the LED strip light clips, visit

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LED is the acronym for light-emitting diode, a semiconductor device converting electricity to light using the movement of the electrons.There are a lot of advantages that these LED lights can offer over the more conventional light bulbs. 

First of all, LED lights consume less amount of energy. In fact, they are 300% more efficient compared to CFL or compact fluorescent light.They are also 1000% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. 

LED lights are also known to have a longer life around 50,000 hours of utilization at 70% of the original power. This can work out to 8 hours a day at 70% power for 13 years.

But a traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb could last around 1,000 hours.There are no mercury and other toxins in LED lighting. It does not also emit ultraviolet lights making them less attractive to bugs. 

Since these bulbs do not generate much heat, they are cool to the touch. Additionally, LED does not generate radio frequency waves and so they do not interfere with TV or radio broadcasts.They are also resistant to shocks and vibrations. Perhaps one of the disadvantages of LED lights is they are expensive.